Blaster, even with its minimal padding, is a comfortable bike saddle because it embeds all the concepts of our patented “Designed on Your Body” ergonomics. Comfortable bike saddle.

There are those who want the saddle not padded and those who want little padding.
For us each saddle is not a point of arrival but of departure. All our successful models are the basis for creating new saddles. Blaster is one example. It all started with some professional athletes using the Composit, a completely unpadded yet very comfortable saddle. It is well known that advanced cyclists are very sensitive to the reactions of their bikes. A padded saddle could affect this perception. And it is also known that advanced cyclists are very demanding, and with good reason considering the stresses to which they subject their bodies. So demanding as to ask for a slightly padded saddle, but not too much, and with the same technical characteristics as the Composit.

Each SMP saddle is like a tailored suit
We have created a customized prototype with the same hull as the Composit and the same sitting surface as the ischial tuberosities. The only difference? A light padding spread over the entire saddle. The field tests fully met expectations and the Blaster was born.

Choosing a saddle must respect the anatomy of your body
Riding the bike constantly and for many hours can lead to a series of problems that can vary depending on the age and time spent in the saddle. There are three points of contact with the bicycle: pedals, handlebar and saddle. The correct handlebar grip, the shoes and cleats positioned in the right place, the pedals, but also the padding of the shorts are not to be underestimated. But it is certainly the choice of the wrong saddle that can cause a series of issues for men ranging from prostatic inflammation to decreased genital sensitivity and even impotence. In women, however, the intensive use of the bicycle with a saddle that does not respect the anatomy can cause vaginitis and cystitis. In addition, continuous trauma of the pelvis on the saddle can cause compression of the pudendal nerve resulting in numbness of the genital area.

Our saddles put to the test by two scientific studies
One of our guiding values ​​in recent years has been research. All our saddles have been designed and developed with the contribution of athletes from different disciplines, but our vocation, constantly aimed at the well-being of the cyclist, has gone further. We asked a team of doctors, experts in cyclist pathologies, to carry out two scientific studies: the first on a male sample of cyclists, the second on a female sample.

Using special sensors, the pressure exerted on the genital area and its consequences were assessed on both samples of athletes. The result was clear and unequivocal: SMP saddles limit the crushing of the genitals, improving blood circulation. Better blood circulation is essential to protect the nervous and vascular structures and give more oxygenation to the soft parts. These studies have shown that the pressure at the perineal level is due more to the shape and geometry of the saddle rather than to the padding.

On the health side of cyclists, the peculiarity of the female anatomy must be considered. Disorders of the female genital area are sometimes more complex and different than male ones. It can range from common skin irritations caused by rubbing to folliculitis, nodules, temporary numbness of the clitoris, swelling of the labia majora up to epidermal infections. Indeed, cyclists have a harder time finding the right saddle for their needs. And also in this case, in addition to our patented ergonomics, the numerous models developed on indication and tests carried out with some professional athletes come to our aid.

An ergonomic saddle also improves your performance
When choosing a saddle, always remember that you can improve your performance. You can choose it according to your riding style: aggressive or resilient. The type of bike you use: racing, mtb, triathlon, gravel, e-bike. And also to the geometry of your bike. But the only choice that improves your performance is well-being and comfort, in other words ergonomics.

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