Which is the best saddle? For us, it has to be the saddle “designed on your body”, the one that surprises you with a never-before-experienced comfort and that fits perfectly to your body. Starting today, finding the right saddle just got easier with the new Selle SMP application for Android and iOS.
Selle SMP offers a huge range of models so that every cyclist can be sure of finding a perfect match. What is more: all our saddles are carefully designed for different disciplines or bicycles. To make your choice easier, we have developed the Selle SMP app to help you choose the right model for you. And it only takes a few seconds!

How the Selle SMP application works
The app saddle finder will ask you for some information. This is essential if the system is to choose the right saddle for you. For example, you are asked how frequently you go cycling, what type of bicycle you own and how you use it. Depending on your answers, the app adapts and employs and algorithm to ask for additional information in order to give you a precise response.
Once all the data has been entered, the software will show you the recommended saddle. Easy! And quick!
The next step is to try the saddle out at one of our retailers to see if it really is the right choice for you. Trying it is the only way to be sure.

Choose your best mtb saddle for racing bicycles and other disciplines
To help you choose professional SMP saddles more accurately too, we have factored in an even more specific item of data: the sit bone measurement. The distance between these bones is a far more precise measurement of the pelvis shape and simple trouser size. By knowing the exact conformation of your body and the surface area on which it will be resting, the search for the best saddle can yield even more accurate results. The “designed on your body” saddle is not a dream; it really exists!

Taking your sit bone measurement to choose your saddle
You can measure the distance between these bones in two ways:
1. head into one of our retailers and have it done using the S-Tool. This is a special tool (available as a stool or tablet) that takes your sit bone measurement. Merely sit in the right position and in a few seconds you’ll have the measurement; or
2. measure at home, using a piece of flexible cardboard, a pencil, a ruler and a table.
For more precise instructions, watch the tutorial video.

Click here to download the Selle SMP app onto your smartphone or tablet: iOS - Android
If you prefer to use a computer, the “Saddle Finder” is also available here.

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