Research for the well-being of man

Research for the
well-being of man

Science proves the superiority of Selle SMP for the well-being and health of cyclists!

The benefits of cycling are well known, however cycling is also associated with a series of health risks, especially when the right attention is not paid to the choice of those components, such as the saddle, which have a strong impact on our body.

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Issues like perineal pain, numbness, saddle sore, erectile dysfunction and prostate problems are common in cyclists.

A team of urologists carried out a study on 35 professional athletes by subjecting them to experimental tests to highlight the effects of different types of saddle on health, comfort, well-being and performance. The study demonstrates the effectiveness of the SMP saddles in preserving the well-being and health of cyclists, ensuring the absence of compression and a natural blood flow in the private parts.

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The scientific rigor and impartiality with which the tests were carried out and the data processed are confirmed by the publication of the research in the prestigious scientific magazine "The Journal of Sexual Medicine".


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