Perineum: the most critical zone!

External genitalia (penis, testicles, vulva)

Genital numbness is probably the most common symptoms suffered by cyclists and is caused by perineum zone compression.
Ulcerations and lymphoedema of the vaginal labia are rather frequent in women cyclists.
Erectile dysfunction is a potential evolution of genital numbness.
Testicular cysts and cancer: due to repeated micro traumas.
Reduced fertility caused by increased scrotum temperature.

Prostate, bladder and urinary tract

Prostatitis: caused by prolonged compression and traumas
Blood in the urine: directly associated with cycling activity.
Urination dif culties.

Nervous and vascular perineum structures

Vascular and nerve lesions: veins, arteries and nerves could be damaged by prolonged contact between the saddle and perineum.
Chronic perineum pain.

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