With that upward moustache, Gosse van der Meer looks like a cyclist from bygone days, those who rode bikes with a front wheel much larger than the rear one. But Gosse is a 21st century cyclist who approaches all cyclocross races with a smile and the right attitude!

We interviewed him on his return from races in China, while still sitting on his Selle SMP Blaster saddle: this is what he told us.

How is this season going?
For the second year, I am no longer part of a team and I feel very different. I feel fitter because I have focused on training, according to my times and my methods, without necessarily being already exhausted before the most important races, which has happened in the past. I have invested in myself and feel able to do more.

Tell us about your trip to the United States.
The trip to America was simply fantastic! Taking part in races in the US is very different in terms of everything that happens before and after a race. Interesting amateur races and important music festivals are held. I also met many amazing people and cycled along some of the most beautiful MTB routes I have ever covered!

What about telling us something about the races in China?
Taking part in races in China is very different! Travelling times are very long. I had to do a three-day trip between one race and another. And who likes sitting in a bus for such a long time?

No one, that's for sure! And what do you think about at these times?
I try to rest as much as possible, but the most important thing is to stay happy: to keep having fun and not get annoyed. This is my great strength: to always be happy and positive!

And we can see that: you are always smiling in your photos! You never seem to be tired or disappointed. With this philosophy of yours, what would you recommend to youngsters who want to do cyclocross?
My advice is: have fun! It doesn't matter if you fall (when training, you don't get hurt if you know how to fall). Ride your cyclocross bike as much as you can and challenge yourself. Start with very small routes and try to spend as much time as possible on them. In this way, you will become skilled on your bike. You will learn to tackle bends well and get to know your bike.
To be honest, I don't remember how many times I fall every season: when training, I just try to push myself beyond my limits and get to know them in order to try and overcome them!


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