We had a challenge to meet: evolve without giving up the comfort and quality of Selle SMP. We've taken a step forward in innovation, incorporating cutting-edge design and technology to deliver an entirely new experience.

EVO defines a new standard of comfort and performance. Sinuous lines, minimal style and attention to detail come together in a saddle with a unique design that represents the perfect harmony between comfort and performance.


EVO has a new construction technology: the latest generation EVA padding foam offers excellent support and better absorbs shocks and vibrations, while at the same time allowing us to maintain a low specific weight making it one of the lightest saddles in our range.

The carbon fiber reinforced shell and AISI 304 or Carbon fiber rail guarantee extreme lightness and resistance to the hardest stresses.

The rear support stabilizes and supports the pelvis, preventing it from sliding backwards and reducing the strain on the arms. All this allows the cyclist to be more efficient and push harder uphill. In fact, according to our tests, the EVO saddle allows you to improve the average uphill power by 10% compared to traditional saddles.

The "eagle's beak" tip allows the cyclist to maintain ideal support and effective pedaling even in very advanced positions on the saddle especially in long flat stretches, when maximum speed and aerodynamics are sought, and the cyclist is led to move forward on the saddle.


The large central channel, distributed along the entire length of the saddle, avoids any compression in the private parts and promotes optimal blood flow.

The two sitting areas modeled on the shape of the sit bones allow to find the natural sweet spot.

Extra-long rail for maximum saddle adjustment range.


EVO is unisex, created for advanced and demanding cyclists who want to stand out and seek performance, lightness and quality without giving up on comfort.

The objective of our R&D office was to develop a saddle that embraced both comfort and design to satisfy even the most demanding cyclists.


EVO is available in two versions: with minimal padding (EVO) and with intermediate padding (EVO PLUS). You can choose between these two versions, based on personal needs and preferences.

EVO is very light and suited for cyclists that love minimal saddles, while EVO PLUS is recommended for cyclists who, despite searching for a very technical product, look for a greater level of padding.

EVO and EVO PLUS are now available in the 140 mm wide version, ideal for cyclists with sit bones width between 90 and 120 mm.

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