Saddle Rain Cover

Saddle Rain Cover is the waterproof saddle cover for bikes, an essential accessory for trekking bikes and city bikes.

The practical integrated bag can be used to store the saddle cover even when it is wet. So, you will only notice that you have it when it is required and your saddle will always be dry.


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  • The waterproof material protects the saddle from the rain and bad weather.
  • The saddle cover also protects the saddle from the sun and dust.
  • Saddle Rain Cover can be easily attached to the saddle frame thanks to the integrated bag. Your saddle needs to be covered in a few seconds because bad weather does not wait!
  • Saddle Rain Cover is entirely handmade in Italy by Selle SMP craftsmen.
  • The bag is reflective. It is a safety bonus for you cyclists.

Which saddles can it be used with?
This saddle cover is an accessory specifically designed for Selle SMP saddles.

Saddle Rain Cover - Medium (*)
Created for the TRK Medium, TRK Medium Gel, TRK Large and TRK Large Gel models, Saddle Rain Cover can be used with all Selle SMP models except for Martin Touring Medium, Martin Touring Medium Gel, Martin Touring Large, Martin Touring Lerge Gel, E-Bike Medium and E-Bike Large.

Saddle Rain Cover - Large (**)
It can only be used with Martin Touring Medium, Martin Touring Medium Gel and E-Bike Medium models.

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