The year 2020 has made us change our habits, the way we live and also the way we move around the city. In particular, there has been a huge increase in alternative vehicles to avoid close contact, which is inevitable on public transport.

Some vehicles are relatively new, such as the scooter, while others are timeless classics. Here, we are clearly referring to the city bike.

A city bike lets you get around with the utmost safety in the face of the Coronavirus. Moreover, it is healthy, fun, economical and sustainable. Let's take a closer look at these aspects:

  • You can get outdoors and away from other people on a bike;
  • Cycling is good exercise that helps us keep healthy longer, especially when done on a daily basis;
  • A bike has fewer restrictions and getting around the city is easier and faster;
  • The city bike is environmentally friendly because it does not pollute, lasts for many years and is recyclable;
  • A bike is economical. Once you have bought a city bike, it takes you anywhere you want without you having to pay fares. It also requires very little maintenance;
  • A bike can be used all year round.

So there are no more excuses for leaving your bike at home when you are out and about in the city. Regardless of the distances covered, a city bike is the best and most comfortable choice, especially if you choose the right saddle for a city bike.

Martin Touring Medium and Martin Touring Large saddles are specifically designed for city use and for preserving a cyclist’s well-being by guaranteeing unbeatable comfort. This is due to the patented ergonomic design of Selle SMP saddles, which prevent any compression of the perineal area, and to the self-modelling Gel layer that adapts to the shape of the cyclist’s body.

Would you like to find out right now which model in the Martin Touring range is ideal for you? Do it with our exclusive Saddle Finder in just a few quick and easy steps!

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