Bike roller training is not like training out of the home: we know that well. Cycling sessions are shorter and more frequent (but you still spend much time on your bike) and the position on the saddle is fixed. Because, let's face it, we really missed our bike during these months of quarantine. Even if many of us have relied on using rollers and the luckiest ones have been able to "toil" in the open air, it's certainly not like getting on your bike and covering kilometres in complete freedom.

Nevertheless, we, like you, never give up and we pedalled at home. Many of you have asked us which saddle is best for training on your bike at home. The answer is the Gel saddle.

Selle SMP Gel saddles have a layer of Gel that covers the entire surface of the saddle: practically the entire support area is covered by the Gel. This special technology makes our saddles special and helps to reduce the pressure on contact points by 30%. In a word: comfort. If we add to this the fact that all our saddles are ergonomic, then we can say that they provide total wellbeing.
In addition, the Selle SMP Gel saddle is self-modelling. This means that it follows your body, adapting to the position you take. Yes, it is true that the position when training is more fixed, but there are always micro-movements involved. This is also an advantage if you want to use the Gel saddle for routes away from home and for conventional training as well.

For bike roller training, we recommend Well saddles. There are three models: Well S Gel, Well Gel and Well M1 Gel. The difference lies in the ergonomic shape of the saddle, which adapts to your pelvis according to the width of your ischial bones. To find out which model is perfect for you, we recommend you try our Saddle Finder app. It is available on our website and also for Android and iOS.

Like all our saddles, the Well models are unisex. You can also use them on both MTB and racing bikes. Of course, they are also ideal for bike training at home or outdoors. Perhaps that is why Well saddles are among the most popular Selle SMP models?

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