Why a specific saddle line? What are our needs when riding an e-bike?

Riding an electric bicycle, even for long distances, requires less effort thanks to the help of the engine. However the weight of our body is less supported by the push of the legs on the pedals and weighs more on the saddle.

The position on an e-bike is much less subject to the changes in position and weight shifts often necessary on the traditional bike. For example, on the electric bike there is no need to get up on the pedals often to overcome demanding stretches or to relaunch the thrust. In this way the pressure on the genitals and perineal area is almost never relieved.

Furthermore - as a recent study by the University of Zurich – on average we ride an e-bike for more hours a week than traditional bicycles.

These factors increase the most common issues to the genitals and perineal area, such as numbness, tingling and pain, for both men and women.

The exclusive Selle SMP ergonomics, applied to the E-BIKE Concept range, relieves pressure from the genitals and perineal area. The special geometries of differentiated density padding and the additional Gel layer reduce the pressure on the sit bones by 30%.

The result is great comfort and well-being for all the electric bike lovers.

The new matt black Velvet Touch cover guarantees great durability and resistance.

Our new range of saddles covers all types of use and consists of 4 models: E-CITY, E-TRK, E-SPORT Medium and E-SPORT Large.

Let's see in detail the new E-BIKE Concept models:

E-CITY: saddle with large shapes and generous padding, it’s perfect for traditional and folding electric city bikes, where the position is comfortable and the weight of the body rests mainly on the sit bones.

E-SPORT: model developed for mountain bikes, road and gravel bikes, where our position is more reclined, with a significant forward rotation of the pelvis and less load on the sit bones.

E-SPORT is available in two different widths, E-SPORT Medium and E-SPORT Large, to match all physical configurations.

E-TRK: the most versatile saddle in the E-BIKE Concept range. Designed for tourism and trekking, E-TRK balances comfort and performance and is an excellent choice for any type of bike.

The E-BIKE Concept range has all the ergonomic features patented by Selle SMP:

  • the fully open channel and the typical "eagle's beak" tip avoids genital and perineal compression for a natural blood flow.
  • the length of the rail allows maximum fore-aft saddle adjustment and its geometry helps a more stable position in the saddle, increasing pedaling efficiency and reducing waste of energy.
  • the raised rear helps to keep the right position in the saddle, especially in the accelerations typical of the electric bike and when facing steep slopes. The ergonomic design protects the coccyx from shocks and trauma.
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