The value of research
The first value that guides us is research. All Selle SMP saddles have been made by researching, designing and performing tests. There was a time when all this was not enough for us. We wanted more, we wanted the performance of our saddles to be checked by doctors who deal with the disorders of cyclists. We wanted to find the answer to the question: “Does the prostate saddle work?”

The real purpose of the prostate saddle
As we have already written in the blog, the term “prostate saddle” is not entirely correct because this type of saddle is not created only to solve problems connected with the prostate but all disorders that affect cyclists. The most common are pain in the penis or vagina, or numb areas or small lesions, however, other problems are related to sexual activity and fertility, the urinary tract, veins and arteries, and nerves.
Here, we are also talking about a prostate saddle referring to a saddle designed to protect the genital area, also known as the perineal area. We all have a perineal area: it is the area where the blood vessels and nerves of the genital organs are found, as well as the prostate (a gland). That’s why compressing this area can cause pain and various problems. And this is why we need to measure the blood flow in this area. The question is: What type of saddle least impedes blood circulation?

Scientific study
To find out if a so-called prostate saddle is able to do this, we further tested Selle SMP saddles, which are precisely created to relieve pain in the perineal area. Four doctors conducted a scientific study with the following aim: to find out which saddle leaves the blood free to circulate, thus reducing compression of the vagina and penis.

How the experiment was performed
The experiment involved 29 cyclists who used one of Selle SMP saddles, designed specifically to reduce compression in the perineal area. To understand the state of blood circulation, a sensor was placed on the cyclist’s penis. Thanks to accurate tools and the non-invasive method, the doctors wanted to understand how and to what extent the shape and the characteristics of the saddle influence blood circulation. Pain and tingling are caused by compression of the perineal area, which hinders blood flow.

Results of the scientific study
The results were clear and unquestionable. In both the stationary measurement and the pedaling measurement, our saddle maintained a greater blood flow, which means that the penis and the vagina receive more oxygen, leading to wellbeing and comfort for the cyclist. Thanks to the scientific data obtained, the four doctors have drawn the following conclusion: our saddle limits compression of the genitals, improving blood circulation.
All Selle SMP saddles have been designed to the millimetre and it is precisely the shape that makes all the difference. The shape adapts to the areas that support the pelvis so that the saddle follows the shape of the body. This is why we talk about a prostate saddle, even if the more correct term would be an ergonomic saddle.

Publication of the results
The purposes of the research, the experiment and the results have been published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the medical journal of the International Society for Sexual Medicine, the international body that promotes research into various issues related to sexuality. If you would like to learn more about this topic, please read the scientific article here.

We care about your wellbeing
We are the only saddle manufacturer to have participated in a scientific study published in an internationally respected and renowned scientific journal. However, we did not take part in order to say that we are better than others.
We wanted to participate in this study to demonstrate that our prostate saddle works and to confirm that we are a reliable company. We want to show you that we can deliver on our promises: to increase the wellbeing of you cyclists. So that every ride is an enjoyable one.

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