has published a review of our Avant saddle. For those who don't know it, is a blog with many technical tips about bikes. Here, you can find novelties, technologies and the most useful detailed information: a valuable resource for all cyclists.

In this space, you can also find our Avant. We really appreciated the article for its frankness and positive rating. It talks about an “unusual look” for Avant, but also “great comfort”. At the end of the 6-month test period, Greg Kopecky (the author of the article) wrote: “It was an experience: you start, ride and forget about it”. We like to think that during the test-period months, Greg had some incredible experiences on his bike. He had no pain to remind him that he had been on the saddle for hours and he enjoyed every moment of those bike trips.

Here, you can read the full review of the Selle SMP Avant on

Here, you can see the Avant technical data sheet.

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