Once again this year, the Giro Rosa (Italian women’s international cycling tour) will bring new races and new excitement to women’s cycling, from Central to Southern Italy. Given the circumstances, the words "once again this year" are not so obvious. After the start of 2020, which nobody would have ever imagined, many events have been postponed to 2021. The Giro Rosa, however, comprises a team of determined people who wanted to organise the event this year all the same while enforcing all the rules and ensuring maximum safety.

This is precisely why we at Selle SMP wanted to be there. Tenacity is one of our hallmarks: such motivation helps us to create our saddles, from the design phase through to production. Another thing that sets us apart is safety, which never fails when a Selle SMP saddle is fitted.

Franco and Maurizio Schiavon point out: “Also this year, we will be the sponsor of the Ciclamino jersey. It’s not just any jersey but an important jersey that symbolises speed, power and the ability to sprint.” The Schiavon brothers continue, “Sprinting is sheer courage, it has its rules to be respected and its risks to be minimised. The Ciclamino jersey will be worn by the athlete who has gained the most points in this specific ranking. We are involved in 2020 because it’s what we wanted, and we passionately want it now. We love this sport and its protagonists, women who deserve the most because they do their utmost. This year, in cycling jargon terms, we were asked to sprint. Our sprint was to be run according to all the rules, with tenacity, strength and determination. The best way to start again. When you see the Ciclamino jersey, in the peloton, during the nine legs of the Patron Rivolta race, think about this, with courage and confidence.”

The Giro Rosa will start on 11 September. We will be there, at every leg, to tell you about the tenacity and strength of these women on social media.

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