Geoffrey Bruyère lives in Paris and, with Benoît Wojtenka, is the founder of, a clothing brand and one of the major men's fashion websites in France.

In early May, Geoffrey left on a bike trip from Paris along the Cammino de Santiago de Compostela (The Way of St. James), with the desire to cycle and reach important goals and extraordinary countries. We also accompanied him on this adventure, with our TRK Medium Gel saddle. Geoffrey wrote that he was a thousand times more comfortable than on any other saddle he had ever tried, “A big thumbs up for this saddle, which has proven to be a thousand times more comfortable than anything I’ve ever tested before.”

Despite the comfortable saddle and excellent equipment, things didn't go as expected. Unfortunately, due to a problem with his knee, Geoffrey had to stop at Valence d’Agen.
He was extremely disappointed but his words reveal a great desire to try again. Moreover, Geoffrey managed to appreciate the positive aspects of his 400-kilometre mini-trip, describing it in three articles on his blog:

Leaving for Cammino de Santiago
An account of the bike trip as far as Valence d’Agen
Geoffrey’s equipment

Come on Geoffrey, we can't wait to support you on your next bike trip!

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