Providing comfort on bikes, improving performance and guaranteeing the health of cyclists: these have always been our goals. Hence, we have designed the new Selle SMP bar tapes.

These bike accessories allow a firm and secure grip in all weather conditions. They also provide excellent comfort, since they reduce vibrations that are transmitted from the ground to the wrists. In some cases, these vibrations may cause disturbances, even severe ones, to the joints. Finally, bar tapes are quick and easy to apply.

Our new accessories are just this but they offer something more. It's called HPP - High Performance Polymer - an innovative compound, 100% Italian in origin, created in Selle SMP's labs. This material guarantees comfort, high performance and superior durability.
We developed all these qualities in collaboration with our teams and professional athletes under road and cyclocross conditions. We then had them tested by the most demanding amateur cyclists. Like all other Selle SMP products, bar tapes were also designed and tested with cyclists, precisely to obtain a high-quality functional accessory.

This is how GRIP, GRIP GEL and AIR, our three new bike bar tapes were created. They are all available in two colours: black and white.

GRIP ensures a firm grip in all conditions and has a special micro-perforation that allows excellent breathability (2.8 mm thick).

GRIP GEL has the same features and textures as GRIP, with the addition of a new generation inner layer of gel for exceptional comfort and unrivalled absorption of vibrations (3.0 mm thick).

AIR stands out for its extreme lightness and breathability, thanks to its special micro- perforation. In this way, you can cycle while saving energy and absorbing vibrations (2.8 mm thick).

The handlebars, saddle and pedals are the three points of contact between the cyclist and the bicycle. The choice of bar tape is therefore extremely important and should not be made only according to the colour or the latest trend.

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