All our products have been created to meet the specific needs of cyclists: comfort, safety, the best performance and wellbeing. Also the two new Selle SMP F30 and F30c saddles have been designed to meet a precise need: to let you move freely and find the right position on the saddle.

Cycling with the F30 and the F30c saddle is a unique experience. The new patented ergonomic design allows greater control of the bicycle and easier backward and forward movements on the saddle. They both support your every move, helping you find the right position, which you can easily and effortlessly change at any time.

The new design is in perfect harmony with all the special features that make Selle SMP saddles ergonomic and different to all others. This can be seen in the eagle-beak tip that provides greater comfort when pedalling in a low position. The fully open central channel is a "must" that eliminates all compression in the perineal and prostate areas. And finally, there is the rear depression that protects the coccyx from blows caused by rough ground.

Starting with these fundamental features, we have worked with strong professional teams and athletes including Team Bardiani CSF (Protagonist of the Giro d'Italia), Team Femminile Valcar PBM (recent Champions of Italy) and the Braidot Twins for the off-road bike. Advice, feedback and field testing have made the SMP F30 saddle and the SMP F30c saddle functional precisely because they were designed alongside those who use them.

Now that you know what distinguishes our new saddles from other Selle SMP products, let's take a look at their other features.
First of all comfort: the tapered shape of the central and front part makes you feel comfortable and prevents any rubbing of the thighs against the saddle.
The F30 and F30c saddles are easy to adjust. They are unisex models and are recommended for all road and off-road disciplines.
The standard version has an AISI 304 alloy tube frame, however, a CRB version is also available with an ultra light tube frame made of unidirectional carbon fiber.
Both models are available with genuine leather upholstery for the black version. Alternatively, if you prefer other colours, saddles are available in special high-quality microfibre.

Finally, we can discover the difference between the two models. The F30c is the compact version of the F30 and it is 46mm shorter. In addition, the F30c is also ideal for Triathlons precisely due to its shape.

Take a look at the product data sheets for the SMP F30 saddle and the SMP F30c saddle and improve the way you ride your bike, enjoying every single moment.

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