At Eurobike 2019, the Well S model by Selle SMP is joining the Well model to complement our offer of saddles designed for those who are new to the cycling world and aim to increase the number of rides and the number of kilometres covered. In short, with this saddle things get serious!

How to choose our Well saddles.
The new Well S saddle differs from the Well model in its measurements. To understand which of the two saddles can best adapt to your body, we recommend that you measure the distance between your ischial bones. It's easy and you can do it at home or at a store by following this video tutorial:
• Choose the Well S saddle if the distance between your ischial bones ranges from 9 to 11.4 cm.
• Choose the Well saddle if your measurement exceeds 11.5 cm.
These two saddles are ideal for men and women. They can also be mounted on racing bikes and MTBs.

Even more comfortable
The Well and Well S saddles have been designed to ensure maximum comfort. The design of Selle SMP saddles (patented since 2004) guarantees the right blood flow and therefore reduced compression. The outcome is that any pain, discomfort and numbness is eliminated. In short, these saddles are really comfortable.
But there's more! Just like the Well saddle, the Well S is also available in a Gel version. The Gel provides a feeling of superior comfort thanks to its main feature: it adapts to your position on the saddle. When you move, the Gel adjusts to the points where you need increased comfort.

Always safe
The materials used for the carbon-fibre reinforced Nylon 12 shell and the AISI 304 stainless steel frame have been carefully selected to ensure safety on all routes, ride after ride. Moreover, the Well S is also made in Italy by craftsmen at Selle SMP.

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