We had a chat with the Braidot twins on the eve of the year of the Olympic Games in order to understand how Daniele and Luca train in winter and how they feel looking ahead to Tokyo 2020.
From January to February, the twins will be attending a training camp with the national team and then they will take part in stage races in preparation for the Olympic Games. For the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Luca's participation is guaranteed, along with that of Gerard Kershbaumer, whereas Daniele and Nadir Colledani will battle it out for third place.

The next race will be in Greece in February. Why did you choose stage races?
Daniele: Because you can earn many points and the aim is to remain among the countries that can line up 3 athletes. Unfortunately, we can't take part in cyclocross races and I'm disappointed about that because I enjoy them.
Luca: After all, the winter period is really important because it is now that we lay the foundations for the competitive season.

And how are you two training now?
Daniele: After a total break from cycling of about twenty days, we are now going out for short rides, 3 hours at the most but never at threshold pace. We alternately use MTBs, racing bikes and cyclocross bikes. But we are doing most of our training in the gym.
Luca: We’ll carry on like this until December, then we’ll begin cycling long distances on roads in a place with a mild climate, most likely in Sicily.

What type of diet do you have in this period?
Luca: We eat more protein and fewer carbohydrates.
Daniele: And dried fruit and nuts are a must!

How do you train at the gym?
Daniele: we go to the gym 3 times a week. We do about an hour of weight training and then finish with core stability exercises.

2020 will be the year of the Olympic Games, what do you want to say about that?
Luca: It's the most important Olympic year of my career. I'm already perfecting everything right now and I'm highly motivated.
Daniele: It will be a hard battle to gain third place for the Olympic Games. I will have to show that I can do it right from the very first races.

Can you give us some tips on cycling in winter?
Luca: On winter rides, you never know what clothes to wear. I suggest wearing layers, as everyone knows by now, but make sure you are a bit cold at the beginning. You start to get warm within ten minutes. It is much worse if you sweat, especially for any exposed parts.
Daniele: A mudguard is also very useful. When it rains, water on your back causes much discomfort. We both use a FAN-GO.

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