More than a month has passed since the Olympic appointment but the emotions are still very much alive for our triathlete Fernando Alarza. Happy with his twelfth place, Fernando tells his story by showing great awareness.

Welcome back Fernando, how are you?

Well, happy and satisfied with the work done during these months

What can you tell us about this Olympic experience (it is the second one)?

Yes, it was my second  participation at the Olympics. They were an Olympic Games more different than usual due to the pandemic, but  they are always very special  in term of environment, athletes and all other aspects.

What were the most difficult moments?

Above all, the most difficult moments were those experienced during the pandemic, in 2020 with all the uncertainty that it caused us and with the difficulties that it caused us in our preparation.

What did you bring home from this experience?

A plus in my sports career. It is a professional experience that few people can achieve, it is the most important sporting event in the world.

How did you prepare for this date?

I can really say that I have linked some Olympics with others, thanks to the fact that I have remained in the top 5 of the World during an Olympic cycle. That has been preparing and mentalizing me for the appointment.

Even so, the preparation has been hard, I have spent many weeks a year away from home, concentrating in altitude and in Alicante to get used to the heat and humidity.

What are the main aspects to take into account when approaching such an important appointment?

Discipline, work, being willing to sacrifice many things in your life, from day to day, such as not being able to be with my family and my daughter.

How important is the head and the mental focus to achieve good results in a race of this type?

It is essential, mental capacity is very important when it comes to getting your maximum performance. Especially in those moments when it seems like you can't take it anymore, but you have to try positive thinking.

What did you think when you crossed the finish line?

It's over, I was OLYMPIC again. The goal that I had had in my head for so many months of giving my best had come to an end, I had achieved it.

How much physical and mental fatigue have these Olympic Games cost you?

Much, the Olympic Games  require 100% physical and mental delivery

I suppose you are now taking a well-deserved vacation ...

Yes, it was what I wanted most after finishing, to be able to spend time with my family.

Your next big goals?

For the rest of the season I don't have great goals, I do want to make the leap little by little to the middle distance, so I will do a test in October, and two races in Spain with my team.

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