When we launch a new saddle, our priority is always rider's comfort and well-being.

So it was also with VT30C, the first model of the VT Series, apparently traditional but with all the ergonomic features patented by Selle SMP: the completely open central channel and the "eagle's beak" tip to favor the natural blood flow and avoid any compression to the private parts; the longest rail in the market to allow everyone to always find the right position in the saddle; the rear depression to protect the coccyx from impacts and kickbacks.

After two years from the presentation of VT30C and its great success all over the world, we expands VT Series with three new models: VT20, VT20C and VT30.

The goal is to provide more and more options to fit the body features and needs of each cyclist, just like a tailored suit.

142 mm wide, it is perfect for cyclists with a medium-narrow pelvis (sit bones width between 9 and 11.5 cm).

Compact version of VT20, with a length of 255 mm.
VT20C is ideal for cyclists with a medium-narrow pelvis (sit bones width between 9 and 11.5 cm).

Wider version of VT20 (155 mm width), it is suitable for cyclists with a medium-wide pelvis (sit bones width between 11.6 and 15 cm).

Every detail is carefully studied: from the special padding in SSPU to the shell in Nylon 12 loaded with carbon fiber, passing through the special Velvet Touch cover and the rail in AISI 304 stainless steel tube Matt Black.

VT20, VT20C and VT30 are available with both AISI 304 steel tube or unidirectional carbon fiber rail.

Suggested use
All VT models are unisex and perfect for any type of use: road, mountain bike and gravel. In addition, the two compact saddles VT20C and VT30C are also ideal for triathlon.

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