Do you want to find out how to mount a seat on your bike without wasting time? This is the right article, but there's more. We suggest how you can do it and reveal some tips to ensure that mounting the seat is also a great way to invest your time. You will discover that with correct mounting you can be more comfortable, healthier and improve your performance.

Mounting the seat on your bike in 3 steps

1. Preparing the tools
You will need an Allen wrench/or a spanner depending on the type of screws that fix the seat to the seatpost and the latter to the frame. You will also need a torque wrench and some grease to hand.

2. Mounting the seat of your bike to the seatpost
Using the Allen wrench, unscrew the screw (or screws if there are two) of the seatpost clamps/hooks so that these elements are detached far enough in order to accommodate the seat frame. Insert the seat frame and adjust it. Seat adjustment is highly important so we will talk about it more in the articles to follow. Once the seat is in place, tighten the screws.

Tip: If the frame and seatpost of your bike are particularly delicate and light, we recommend using a torque wrench, calibrating it to the torque recommended by the manufacturer of the seatpost.

3. Insert the seatpost into the seat tube
Now we can focus on the screw that fixes the seatpost to the frame. Depending on the type of screw, use an Allen wrench or a spanner to loosen it. Insert the seatpost, position it according to your height and tighten the screw. It is also important to adjust the seat height of your bike to prevent any health problems and improve performance: we will discuss this further in future articles.

In the meantime, here is a quick tip to avoid making a mistake: adjust the seat height so that it reaches your hips. Get on your bike and place your heel on the right pedal. Turn the pedal back so that your leg is fully extended, following the line of the vertical tube of the frame. Once your leg is fully extended and you are perfectly seated on the seat, you have found the ideal height.

Tip: When to use grease. First of all, never put grease on the seat frame or on the seatpost clamps/hooks, as it is essential that, once the right position has been found on the seat, it remains firmly in place. Grease can be used to aid the insertion of the seatpost into the frame tube, but only if they are made of aluminium and steel respectively. If your bike is made of carbon, do not use grease but special pastes appropriate for this material, i.e. special anti-seizure/adhesive lubricants.

Mounting an MTB seat or racing bike seat is really important. If you can, request the assistance of the retailer who sold you the seat or, even better, ask an experienced biomechanic to do it. By following these tips, you will prevent any damage to your health, be more comfortable and want to ride even more.

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