If you haven't made up your mind about buying a telescopic seatpost, then this is the right article for you. Many cyclists say that having one is essential, but are you sure that it can really change your life? Let's take a look!

What it is and what it is for
The MTB telescopic seatpost raises and lowers the height of your saddle thanks to a button or a lever on the handlebar (remote controlled). The lever, mechanically operated by a classic steel cable, is easy to install and fitted inside the frame for greater aesthetic appeal.
A telescopic seatpost is used to increase safety on technical descents, since the body moves into a lower position further back, without the saddle restricting movements. This lowers the centre of gravity, improving stability along fast single tracks, on tight bends and for jumps and drops. Without the saddle between your legs, you have much more freedom of movement. With this type of seatpost, you can also choose longer and more ergonomic saddles because the encumbrance factor in the off-saddle position is much less important.

Ideal for sharp descents and worth considering if you are looking for lightness
One problem is certainly its weight: the lightest products weigh over 400 grammes.
If you do enduro, all-mountain or downhill rides, or love fast descents along long technical stretches, you certainly won’t worry about the weight but rather the functionality and security of being able to adjust the saddle automatically.
It is different for those who do cross-country rides, where extreme downhill stretches are short and always alternated with short but intense climbs. You always need to pedal and it is not so essential to lower the saddle, especially when it increases the weight of the bike.
Maintenance is essential for all: where mud is involved, for example, this type of seatpost may sometimes have difficulty in returning to its position. It is very important to check it and use a lubricant.

These seatposts are ideal when tackling demanding descents, on highly technical marathon and cross-country routes and on very steep downhill stretches.

If you think that this accessory can change your life and you want to buy one, you should know that Selle SMP saddles can be combined with all MTB telescopic seatposts. But before you buy one, we recommend checking with your local mechanic.

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