A bike represents freedom and discovery. We want all of you to be free to cycle along roads and paths, achieving new goals and discovering new places.
When we write "everyone", we mean everyone. We don't like limits because, like you, we love freedom and discovery. That's why we make Selle SMP saddles for all cyclists: whatever your weight, you can always get on one of our saddles and ride safely. Yes, even if you have chosen a carbon saddle.

Our lightest saddles are made of carbon. Full Carbon and Full Carbon Lite are made entirely of carbon and weigh 130g. Carbon and Carbon Lite have a carbon hull and an AISI 304 stainless steel frame weighing between 175 and 200g, depending on the colour.
Could we make carbon saddles even lighter? The answer is, "Yes, we could", but we don't because even though we love lightness, we cannot neglect safety.

The hulls of Selle SMP carbon saddles consist of 5 layers: 4 are made of carbon fibre and 1 is made of Kevlar. The number of these layers has been designed with extreme precision. 5 layers provide the perfect balance of lightness and safety.
By removing a layer, we could make them even lighter. We could make carbon saddles that weigh 70/90g, but then they would not be safe for everyone. Those with a heavy build would not be able to buy a saddle like this: heavy stress would risk breaking it, so it would not be safe. And besides, who would want to check their weight before buying a saddle? And who would want to realise only after buying a saddle that they have chosen one that is not safe to sit on? That's not what we want. Everyone should be able to ride in complete safety and everyone deserves a lightweight responsive saddle, with attractive lines and made with the ergonomic design of Selle SMP.

We don't want to set limits to your freedom or to your desire to ride your bike. We want to offer you comfortable, light and safe support on every bike ride. We want to be with you when you achieve new goals with your Selle SMP carbon saddle.

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