This is the age of the e-bike. Since it was created, it appears that in recent years it is having the most success. E-bikes have been around for quite a while: the first patent dates back to 1895. Today, data indicate that the demand for e-bikes is increasing worldwide*. Not surprisingly, this year, the first edition of the Giro d'Italia-e bikes will take place,
which will see the participation of our women's team: Kilocal Selle SMP.
In addition, pedal-assisted e-bikes are developing. Many cyclists have different needs and are looking for different types of e-bike: city e-bikes, e-MTBs, trekking e-bikes…

E-bikes: Which one to choose? Let's try to make it clearer.

City e-bike: the e-bike was developed from this model. It is a pedal-assisted city e-bike, ideal for short or medium distances and city routes. It is perfect for covering distances in a relaxed way and for going to work without feeling too tired on arrival.

Trekking e-bike: this a bike designed for medium-long distances, bike tours and bike trips. The addition of an electric motor also allows less experienced cyclists to cover longer distances or go out with a group of friends whose pace is difficult to keep up with. It is ideal for enjoying your bike with no worries.

e-MTB: also in this case. an e-bike is perfect for increasing distances and for differences in altitude, going beyond your own capabilities. And much more: an e-MTB is also ideal for those who are experienced and want to use it to supplement their training, concentrate on descents or try new routes after riding a traditional pedal bike…

Racing e-bike: here we enter a field where speed and performance are much more important, however, racing e-bikes have been positively received by the market. These e-bikes are ideal for those who don't have the opportunity to train frequently, for those who are not accustomed to steep climbs but want to try and tackle them, or for those who see the road bike as a bike touring version for asphalted roads.

In short, an e-bike is certainly not for those who do not want to pedal. It is a vehicle for those who want to spend time outdoors, reduce the consumption of their car, explore distant places… in short, who want to fully enjoy their e-bike.
Now that you know how to choose an e-bike, read the following article about the ideal saddles for e-MTBs.

*Data from the latest Global E-bike Market Report by Mordor Intelligence.

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