We are cyclists. We love cycling, on roads and paths. As soon as the sun comes out, we go out cycling and if it is wet or windy, we go out just the same. A bike is about passion, fun and relaxation. When we are given the usual tie or classic pullover at Christmas, we smile and say thank you but… we would like something for cycling!

If you want to make an athlete or a bike lover happy, avoid the usual gifts. In this article, we suggest some gift ideas for cyclists and for a non-trivial Christmas.
First of all, choose something useful and connected with our passion for bikes. Whatever your budget, you can choose from a variety of accessories that can make any cyclist of any age happy.
If you don't what to spend so much, you can get a pair of sunglasses: maybe the cyclist already has a pair but an extra pair can be useful. Look for special frames or ask for suggestions as to the right lenses depending on the light along the cyclist's favourite routes.
If you know the cyclist well, then you can choose clothing as a gift. Choose the ideal fabric for a season or a favourite colour. A new helmet might be another idea, especially if you care about the cyclist's safety and want to convey a special message.
Do you have a slightly higher budget? Then you can get a GPS bike navigator, ideal for those who want to explore other destinations or reach new horizons.

If you want to get a Selle SMP product, think about bike accessories as gifts for cyclists. There's something for all budgets: bar tapes, the Fan-go mudguard or new wipes for taking care of saddles. If you are health-conscious and want the cyclist to return home with a smile, get an ergonomic saddle as a gift. Take the cyclist with you to a Selle SMP (SMP4test) store to find the ideal saddle and buy one.

There won't be the surprise of an interesting parcel to unwrap but it will be a pleasant surprise to discover how much more comfortable and high-performance an ergonomic Selle SMP saddle can be!

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