Gravel bikes are faithful companions for those who, as soon as the see the asphalt, turn into the first white road they see. They are also the faithful companions for those who see countless opportunities for fun and another epic bike ride along that white road. We have mentioned gravel bikes often in this article, but now we want to go beyond. We want to know the best type of saddle for a gravel bike.

So this saddle must be:
- comfortable;
- padded;
- easily adjustable.

Let's take a closer look at the features.
If you have a gravel bike, you spend more time on the saddle so, first and foremost, it must be comfortable. The saddle must adapt to your body (and not the opposite) and you mustn't experience any pain or discomfort, not even during the last kilometre of your ride.
The saddle must be padded to ensure extra comfort. You can choose the amount of padding depending on how you feel when on the saddle and on the type of terrain you are going to tackle. The important thing is that you feel good: only in this way will your legs turn well.
Saddles for gravel bikes must be easily adjustable. A saddle is easily adjustable when the tube frame is long because it makes finding the right position easier.

Which Selle SMP saddle is best suited to gravel bikes?
All our saddles are comfortable and easily adjustable, and many are padded, so we could say that almost all of them can be used on these bikes. But we can recommend some saddles more than others and one of these is the VT30C.

The patented ergonomic design of this saddle is designed to eliminate any pain, discomfort and numbness, even for you who cover kilometres on white roads. The design is new (like that of the F range) and allows you to freely move on the saddle: it is ideal for those who have a gravel bike. Furthermore, its compact design also makes rotating the pelvis easier.
With its matt black Velvet Touch coating and Matt Look frame, the VT30C is a cool saddle, but believe this: it can't wait to get dirty. You know that white roads mean mud and dust. The VT30C is made of materials selected for their resistance. They are safe and ready for anything.

And now that you know how the saddle for your gravel bike should be, mount it on your bike and set off: to conquer unexplored white roads!

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