F20 C

This compact version of the F20 retains all its exclusive features: new patented ergonomic design, finely crafted “Made in Italy” details and excellent materials. It is light, makes out-of- saddle riding easy and is ideal for Triathlon too. The F20C adapts to narrow pelvises (sit bones width: from 9 - 11.5 cm).

100x100 handmade in Italy
Recommended for pants sizes: XSSM
As low as $270.00
Category: MTB, Road, New, Gravel, Professional, Saddles, Time Trial / Track, Triathlon, Commuter / Fixed,

For which cyclist

Gender: Man, Woman

Sit bones width: from 9,0 to 11,5 cm

Pants size: XS, S, M

Use: MTB, Road, Triathlon, Gravel / Cyclocross, Time Trial / Track, Commuter / Fixed

Type of bicycle: Traditional, E-bike

Padding level: Thin

Dimensions and weight

Width: 134 mm - Length: 250 mm

With AISI 304 rail: 265 g - With carbon rail: 210 g

Materials and colors

Padding: Foamed elastomer

Cover: Real leather (black), Microfiber (colored)

Body: Carbon reinforced nylon 12

AISI 304 rail: AISI 304 stainless steel tube Ø 7.1 mm

Carbon rail: Unidirectional carbon fiber 7.1 x 9.0 mm

Colors: black, white, red, yellow fluo, yellow, green IT, green, light blue, blue



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"Primo fiore" genuine leather carefully selected: soft, pleasing hand to the touch, compact and durable surface.
High Performance Microfiber: great resistance without color cuts.

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Special foamed elastomer with extraordinary elasticity: performance unchanged over time, right balance of softness and compression strength.

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Nylon 12 loaded with carbon fiber: to overcome the most stringent resistance and stability tests over time, while providing the necessary lightness.

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Fixing plates

Nylon 12 loaded with carbon fiber: higher standards of security and robustness.

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AISI 304 version
alloy tube Ø 7.1 mm: great longitudinal elasticity, high resistance to mechanical stress and corrosion.
CRB version
unidirectional "high modulus" carbon fiber, 7.1 x 9.0 mm: maximum lightness and strong resistance.

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