Many of you ask us why Selle SMP saddles are so comfortable.
Because they are designed to fit your body.
But how can they be designed to fit the body of every cyclist?
That's simple: because they are designed with extra special care.

In this article, we will explain exactly what this care involves. All Selle SMP saddles are designed with the fundamental contribution of cyclists. You, to be exact.
Before the launch of any saddle, unseen, yet constant and fundamental work is involved.

Creating the prototype: the saddle takes shape.
The prototype is the ready-to-test saddle, created according to our patented ergonomic design. To achieve this design, we have carried out various experiments and we have talked about it in this article on prostate saddles that work.
In short, the prototype is a saddle designed in much detail to adapt to the human body in order to eliminate any discomfort and pain for cyclists. And this is where you bike enthusiasts come into play.

The field test: get ready to pedal!
Once the prototype has been finalised, we ask professional cyclists, teams and amateurs to test it, even over many kilometres. The prototype then starts to do its work: it is mounted on bikes and tested on roads, paths and circuits. Naturally, we also do in-house tests on it: we are not always in the production unit or in our offices. As soon as we can, we take our bikes and test them again and again. Until we are satisfied.
This is the most important stage in creating our saddles. The tests carried out by cyclists provide us with empirical data, sensations, opinions, suggestions, advice and even criticism. The goal is always the same but it is not trivial at all: to create a comfortable saddle. That's why we are willing to receive any kind of feedback.
This has been the case for every one of our saddles: from the very first Pro to the latest F20 and Vt30C. Cyclists have tested them and given us excellent suggestions for improving the prototype even further. And so, we get to the final stage.

Finishing: meticulous attention to every detail
This is the stage when we collect valuable contributions from you cyclists and use them to develop the new saddle. We are talking about refinements. For example, if necessary, we change the dimensions using millimetre precision. Or we change a material that has not lived up to our expectations. Everything must be perfect so that the saddles are really comfortable.
At the end of this essential work, we no longer talk about a prototype but a product ready to be launched.

So, the saddle is ready: ready to pass any test, to stand up to any situation and, above all, support you cyclists without letting you feel any tingling or discomfort. So comfortable that you won't notice you have it!

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