Have you read our tips on how to choose an e-bike and have you decided to buy an electric MTB? Then you need a really comfortable saddle, possibly an ergonomic one that adapts to the way you will use your new bike.

Do you want to tackle longer routes? Then you will need a very comfortable saddle.
On an e-bike, you can really go beyond your limits, but only with the right saddle. The ideal one is an e-bike saddle that adapts to your body. Only in this way will you be able to spend much more time on your bike without pain or discomfort, enjoying every moment of your bike trip. This applies to all of you: athletes, amateurs and cyclists of all levels.

Do you want to put aside your traditional pedal bike for an electric mountain bike ? Then you will need a saddle with a special shape.
The thrust of an electric motor is very different to your muscle effort. That's why we recommend a saddle with a raised rear that prevents you from sliding backwards. On a steep climb, for example, you will even more appreciate a saddle that supports you.
Furthermore, with a pedal bike you have to stand on the pedals to push harder, whereas with an electric MTB you can be assisted and remain seated on the saddle. This means that you can spend more time on the saddle than before, and comfort is really important.
For all these reasons, we recommend an ergonomic saddle.

Do you want to use an e-bike to boost your training for riding your pedal bike? Then you will need a professional MTB saddle.
With MTB e-bikes, you can tackle the same routes that you cover on a pedal bike. You will encounter technical stretches and you will find yourself in off-saddle positions that require experience. You will need a saddle that never gets in the way but facilitates movement. If you are often in a low position, choose an angled-tip saddle, whereas if you want the utmost freedom of movement, choose a flat yet ergonomic saddle.

Do you want to buy the right saddle for your electric MTB? Then take a look at our saddles: their comfort is due to their ergonomic shape and as you can read here, there is a scientific article that proves they are comfortable.

To find the ideal saddle, use the Saddle Finder.

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